Aaron Struhs

Aaron Struhs

General Manager

Aaron is a highly qualified fire engineer with over 10 years of specialised fire engineering experience. He has earned an enviable reputation in Australia for his comprehensive knowledge and skill in building essential services. Aaron assists clients with design and installation projects through to routine maintenance and compliance testing.

Combining his hands-on experience with solid management expertise, Aaron leads a motivated team of professionals to ensure all ESS clients receive the best possible service with the minimum fuss. He personally managed the development of the ESS programs and systems which ensure all client matters and scheduled tasks are performed efficiently.

Aaron is particularly skilled in solving complex fire engineering problems. He and his team deliver end-to-end solutions to clients covering a wide range of industries in Australia, ensuring client essential services continue to perform at the appropriate level and are able to quickly resolve any issues that may arise along the way.

Together with his team, Aaron prides himself on delivering peace-of-mind and confidence to his clients. ESS clients are assured of compliance with their relevant mandatory regulations and building acts, insurance obligations and OH&S requirements.

Aaron is a CFA member and also a member of the FPA.