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That your buildings meet the compliance measures of the Essential Safety Legislation, Australian Standards, Building Codes and current State Regulations.


With our reliable tailored programmed maintenance services, meaning you can concentrate on other important objectives.


Essential Safety Solutions (ESS) is a one-stop-approach to all your building and Essential Safety Measures requirements

The Fire and Safety Experts

Essential Safety Solutions has years of experience working within the fire and safety industry. Our team of skilled personnel install, maintain and test all fire protection gear. We offer our services for schools, government buildings, food establishments and residential customers, among others. We have served numerous customers over the years and are looking forward to helping you and your company or home stay safe. We provide essential service that protect you and your investments and that meet or exceed all applicable standards and laws.

Our Safety Services

When you need dependable fire protection equipment, then give us a call. We offer full maintenance, installation and servicing on a variety of products. We work with developers, contractors and builders to create effective fire safety solutions.

Our team can install the following for you:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit lighting
  • Fire hydrants
  • Boosters
  • Hose reels
  • Emergency warning equipment
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Fire panels
  • Fire detection systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • …and more

We Maintain Your Safety Equipment

We exclusively use third parties to audit our work, because we know it is not good practice to self-audit. We make sure that all auditing is done by a reliable third party we trust.

We Provide Evacuation and Fire Extinguisher Training

Essential Safety Services offers full training for evacuations and fire extinguisher use. You can set up an appointment for fire warden training or call us to find out more about how our training services work. We can get your employees up to date on all the latest evacuation measures and fire extinguisher use.

24-Hour Emergency Services

You can call us 24/7. We will be there to help you over the phone or onsite for any issues you may have. Phone support can save you money and get your issue resolved quickly, but our onsite visits ensure a thorough assessment of the problem and a quick and effective solution.

The Essential Fire Protection Services You Need

We can handle all your fire protection requirements. We will report live to you on any damage to your fire and safety assets. You can use our service to find out about when the next maintenance check is due and about what kind of repairs were done during our last visit. We would be happy to schedule regular safety checks for you up to five years in advance, ensuring that your building and fire protection equipment stays up to date and working properly. You can avoid fires and property damage this way, because major issues can be caught early while they are still small.

Why Choose Us?

We know you have choices for fire protection services and we are glad you are considering us. We will not let you down and will put our years of experience to work for your benefit, taking care of all of your safety and fire requirements. You won’t have to worry when we are watching out for you, and you can rest easy knowing that your assets are in good hands.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us via telephone or email. We are available 24/7 to take calls, schedule appointments and provide emergency fire and safety assistance.

We Are Working for You

Get all of your fire and safety equipment and services here. From regular maintenance to the purchase and installation of top-of-the-line equipment, just contact Essential Safety Services for everything. We can monitor work and equipment at all levels to save you some hassle, and we will send you reports on everything we are doing for you so that you never have to worry.

Our live reports keep you updated and in the loop, and we have an access portal you can use to stay up to date on how your fire and safety equipment is performing. You can use this portal to look at service dates for the next five years.

Contact us today to get your building and employees compliant and to experience real peace of mind about fire safety.

Why Essential Safety Solutions?

From design and installation to maintenance and testing, we deliver
end-to-end solutions.


Over ten years of specialised industry experience and best practice

Quality Service

All of our services are competitively priced and available in customisable packages

fire protection

ESS Fire Technicians are actively involved in all aspects of the building approval and certification process

No Hidden Costs

Our pricing is agreed upon up front without surprises or sudden changes

Customised Reports

For programmed maintenance – know the details of all essential safety measures

Free Quotes

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Years of



Fire Protection & Safety Services

Owning or maintaining a building in Australia can be difficult. You need to juggle constantly shifting regulations and codes, and need to implement essential safety measures to keep your building in line with all legislative requirements. These essential safety measures covers a wide range of issues and areas of expertise, including fire safety maintenance and building integrity checks.

Keeping abreast of all the rules is a job unto itself. You have to stay on top of when the inspections need to happen, performing the checks, and knowing how to report and deal with any issues.

Essential Safety Solutions is Australia’s number one choice for the handling of all essential safety measures required to maintain building compliance.

Delivering our clients with peace-of-mind, confidence and convenience is central to everything we do.

ESS Team

What are Essential Services?

Programmed Maintenance can be anything from testing and tagging of electrical leads to a comprehensive all inclusive essential services program. Whatever your needs or requirements, ESS can tailor a package for you.

We utilise a leading-edge interactive software management system we call Easy Track, to remember all those important tasks for you. Once the programmed maintenance is set up in Easy Track, our technician will arrive automatically, on-time, to meet your needs.
No more “Oh, I forgot!” scenarios. Let ESS be your memory.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use a leading-edge, interactive software management system called Uptick to remember all important building compliance tasks for you.

Once the programmed maintenance is set up in Uptick, our technician will arrive automatically, on-time, to perform fire safety maintenance and any other pre-determined checks.

Make your life easier; sign up with ESS Programmed Maintenance Services now!

Our Services

When our customers contact us, we’re commonly asked questions such as:

  • Can you test and inspect my fire safety maintenance equipment?
  • Can you resolve this building compliance notice we were issued?
  • Do you monitor essential safety measures?
Our response to all of these items is “YES, we can.” Let’s arrange a suitable time to meet with you and tailor a package to suit your needs.

We have solutions for you regardless of your business size or needs. Whether you need a simple audit or a full-scale 10 year oversight plan – up to our Life Cycle plan which gives 10 years of maintenance and servicing – we have a package for your building.

With expert fire engineers on staff as well as a network of specialist industry professionals, we can assist you with all of your – essential safety measures, regardless of industry or building configuration.

Why Choose ESS?

At Essential Safety Solutions we are constantly looking for new ways of providing responsible and forward-thinking solutions that surpass client expectations.

We are Victoria’s foremost building compliance experts, skilled at managing and enacting all essential safety measures to guarantee you meet the requirements of any building compliance test.

Programmed Maintenance for Your Needs

Programmed maintenance can be anything from testing and tagging of electrical leads to a comprehensive all-inclusive essential services program that covers all your fire safety maintenance needs.

Whatever your requests or requirements, ESS can tailor a package for you.

our team

Experts in Essential Safety Measures
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Amy Grinsted
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