Essential Safety Solutions (ESS) are a boutique National Australian company that provides a one-stop solution for facility managers and building owners in managing their essential services.

Our management team is unique in that we possess both technical qualifications and extensive hands-on experience. We are accessible and available to our clients 24/7.

The benefit to our customers is that we have a complete understanding of all likely essential service scenarios and can provide immediate advice and solutions.

Combined with our highly trained support team and technical crew, Essential Safety Solutions believe that our customer service and delivery of all our services is unrivalled.

Be it relating to building compliance or fire safety maintenance issues, our team are on hand to ensure that your building and facilities are maintained to the highest standard.

Industry Experience

Our extensive experience means we are able to take care of all your Essential Safety Measure items from air conditioning equipment through to passive and active fire protection systems.

With our unique offering we are able to save you time, money and worry. You can rest assured that your privacy, security and protocols will be fully maintained and managed efficiently well into the future or by the experienced and professional team at ESS

If you require assistance with fire safety maintenance, fire alarm systems or building compliance we have an experienced team and technical staff to make sure you will be covered.


If you are seeking an essential services provider in Australia then you are in the right location. ESS can efficiently and effectively look after your facility by providing:


Inspection and Testing


Auditing and Certification


Project management

Our Staff

Experts in Essential Safety Measures

The dedicated team at Essential Safety Solutions (ESS) are experienced, highly trained and dedicated to the measured protection of your assets. Always reliable and supported by an expert administration team, you can enjoy peace of mind by having ESS look after your essential safety measures and requirements. As a single facilities management service provider, we offer a comprehensive one-stop service delivered by a team of experts in the fire protection industry.

Amy Grinsted
Amy Grinsted
Operations Manager
Matt Studd
Matt Studd
Service Technician

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