Canvas hoses, are they a thing of the past?

Canvas hoses, are they a thing of the past?

Lay flat hose removal considerations

Under AS1851 canvas hoses must be pressure tested annually. When a hose fails its pressure test you will be required to replace the faulty hose with a new one. With new hoses being costly, it may be worth exploring the idea of removing the hose.

When hydrants  are  used, the Melbourne Fire Bridge (MFB) provide their own equipment, so is there really any need for your canvas hoses? The answer is dependant upon a number of factors. Expert advice will help you through the process.

  • A building permit is required to remove lay flat hoses from a building
  • Fire brigade consent may be required for the permit application

There may be some instances where equipped hydrants may be required, e.g. as a decision associated with Regulation 309 Report and Consent (under the Building Regulations 206) or a Dangerous Goods report (complied under relevant Dangerous Goods legislation.

Here in Melbourne, the MFB will support the removal of canvas hoses from existing hydrant installations under certain circumstances. Each building and its occupancy classification will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Before you remove a lay flat hose, you must obtain a building permit to delete. You will need to investigate if consent from the fire brigade is required for the permit. Once a permit has been obtained for the deletion and hoses are removed, all signage must be updated to reflect the absence of the hose at the hydrant, e.g. “FIRE HYDRANT AND HOSE” must be changed to “FIRE HYDRANT”.

When considering removal of canvas lay flat hoses, expert advice is critical. To be sure all regulatory procedures and criteria are met, please contact the knowledgeable team at Essential Safety Solutions.