Emergency and Exit Lighting – is your building compliant?

Emergency and Exit Lighting – is your building compliant?

Exit and Emergency lighting provides lighting for occupants to exit a building quickly and safely in the event of a power loss.

When there is an emergency, panic often occurs so it is essential that emergency and exit signs be clearly visible to the occupants of a building and be illuminated at all times.

In Australia, the requirements for a building or any part of a building to have exit signs and or emergency lighting installed is set out in the National Construction Code (NCC). Where a building has emergency escape lighting and exit signs installed, regular maintenance of AS2293.1 is essential and mandatory in Australia. In a commercial building if the floor area of the building is over 300 square meters, it will most likely be a requirement to have emergency lighting and exit signs installed.

Exit and emergency lighting in a building must be tested every 6 months to ensure they operate for at least 90 minutes on battery backup; this is done by simulating a loss of power. The results of the duration test, any defects/non-conformances and maintenance history should be recorded in a logbook as per AS2293.

It is important that all building owners and those responsible for managing a building’s safety systems to be aware of their obligations.

Exit signs are installed directly above exit doors, at the top of staircases and at any change of direction along the way, so that they direct people along the escape route to a final evacuation point to ensure people have a safe egress path during an emergency.

Here at Essential Safety Solutions, we offer preventative maintenance programs as per AS2293 and we employ in-house A-Grade electricians who are licensed to replace any defective lights. In addition to our preventative maintenance program, we also stock and sell a full range of emergency and exit lighting along with other fire safety equipment.

At Essential Safety Solutions, we are experts in all aspects of a building’s safety systems. Speak to us about your emergency and exit lighting needs. Contact us today on 1300 151 056 or service@essaust.com.au.