How the Team at ESS Manage Health and Safety

How the Team at ESS Manage Health and Safety

Essential Safety Solutions is committed to the Health and Safety of its workforce by aiming to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors, customers and visitors at by providing a safe working environment. Essential Safety Solutions recognises that every individual within the business has a responsibility to follow and maintain health and safety practices so to protect themselves and others within the workplace. Everyone within the business is encouraged to participate in the continuous improvement of the company’s Health and Safety system and to share in the ownership of the system.

Essential safety Solutions is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, customers and to all those in the vicinity of any of their works.

At ESS, we use a cloud based OH&S management software called Safety Champion to keep everyone in our workplace safe from injury. This impressive program is used to support and monitor the safety of our employees and contractors. Reporting is an important part of our ability to keep everyone in our workplace safe from harm. This program has helped ESS to make better decisions for the safety of everyone.  This software assist us to better manage our safety requirements and keep everyone safer in our workplace.

Safety Champion helps to identify quality issues, safety hazards and environmental aspects, assess the associated risks, implement control measures and evaluate them to ensure their effectiveness and suitability in reducing the identified risks as far as practicable.

Quality, Safety and Environmental documented information is controlled, reviewed, and retained to ensure security, confidentiality and prevention of loss through Safety Champion.

Safety Champion is an essential tool to ensure that all internal or external non-conformances or opportunity for Improvement (e.g. Customer Complaints, Supplier related problems, incident, near-miss, environmental incidents and etc) are adequately addressed, resolved and effectively documented.

Essential Safety Solutions is committed to continual evaluation and improvement of its Health and Safety system and with the help of Safety Champion can now easily monitor all hazards, corrective actions, and workplace improvement.