A compliant fire safety system is a critical aspect to any building; it not only helps protect the building itself but can save lives. As a building owner in Victoria, it’s your responsibility under the Victorian Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018, regardless of age of the building, to ensure that all essential safety measures, pieces of safety equipment, fittings or other safety measures that relate to the building, are maintained in order to perform as designed.

Essential Safety Solutions offers comprehensive fire safety inspections giving you peace of mind that your building and occupants are safe, and that you’re operating in accordance with your regulatory obligations.

Why does my building need regular fire system maintenance?

The simple answer is to protect your investment and the safety of the building’s occupants. As a building owner, if you fail to comply with regulations, your negligence will be putting human lives at risk and you may face prosecution and large fines. Additionally, you run the risk of insurance companies not paying out on any fire damage.

Essential Safety Solutions will ensure your fire safety system are installed and maintained to the required standard, maintenance records will be available and our digital CRM will manage all service provision information, available securely to you through our online client portal.

How often do I need my building’s fire safety system checked?

How often a building’s fire systems are maintained is stipulated by the maintenance standard AS1851, the routine service (maintenance) of fire protection systems and equipment.

If the building was built or modified since 1 July 1994, the list of essential safety measures and type of maintenance required will be listed with the Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection.

If the building was constructed prior to 1 July 1994, there will not be an occupancy permit in place however the owner is still responsible for ensuring that any safety equipment, safety fittings or safety measures are maintained and fulfilling their purpose.

As each building is unique in design, the Essential Safety Measures installed varies from building to building. It is important to enlist the help of an experienced and qualified company to ensure that all your ESM are been inspected at the correct frequencies by trained and skilful technicians.

Book your next inspection with Essential Safety Solutions

As a building owner, knowing when and what to check can seem overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be.

Essential Safety Solutions remains up to date with regulations and industry trends, so when you enlist the help of our team you can rest assured that a compliant inspection schedule will be in place.

Our technicians hold the necessary licences and registrations required to carry out the maintenance services. All ESS employees are enrolled into the Fire Protection Association FPAS accreditation scheme. Our powerful scheduling tool and vigilant team means we never miss an inspection.

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