Dry Chemical ABE Powder Extinguisher

  • ABE Type Stored Pressure Dry Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher. Suitable for the following applications:
    • A Class Fires (paper, wood, textiles)
    • B Class Fires (flammable liquid fires such as oils, paints and solvents)
    • E Class Fires (energised electrical fires such as switchboards and electrical motors)
  • EPDM UV resistant discharge hose with dust cap
  • Working Pressure: 1500kPa AT 23±2℃
  • Deep drawn steel cylinder with welded base and robust skirt.
  • Powder coated with UV resistant paint finish
  • Zinc plated brass valve with pressure indicator
  • 316 Stainless steel handles and levers
  • Non-Aluminium Hose Ferrules on 4.5kg & 9.0kg required for underground use
  • 316 Stainless steel hose retaining clip and bands on 2.5kg, 4.5kg & 9.0kg models
  • Sturdy solid stainless steel hanging bracket
  • Vehicle bracket – 2.0kg & 2.5kg models (Epoxy coated metal).
  • Wall bracket – comes with 2.5kg model for internal installation.
  • Aluminium inspection tag and ring (to be removed for underground coal mines).
  • Fire tested for the use in A, B & E Class fires.
  • All fire extinguishers should be serviced to the relevant, current Australian Standard. AS1851 – Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

1.0KG (vehicle bracket included) No discharge hose
1.5KG (vehicle bracket included) No discharge hose
2.0KG (vehicle bracket included)
2.5KG (vehicle & internal wall brackets & stainless steel wall mounting hook)
4.5KG (stainless steel wall mounting hook)
9.0KG (stainless steel wall mounting hook)

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