Essential Safety Measures is a term that describes the important fire and safety systems installed within a building in order to improve its safety. They are the variety of elements designed to assist in reducing risk to life and property in the event of an emergency, such as a fire, unexpected fall or other accident. Essential Safety Measures include equipment and protective devices such as fire hose reels, fire detection systems and alarms.

Essential safety measures can either be active or passive:

  • Examples of active systems are sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, mechanical ventilation and fire alarm systems.
  • Examples of passive systems are fire-resistant materials, fire windows, paths of travel to an exit and fire-isolated stairs that aid in escape.

Most essential passive fire safety maintenance items in a building are not well known or easily identified as they can be designed into safety features or structural elements already built into the fabric of the building. Fire safety maintenance items can include fire control joints and fire indices or building element safety features such as discharge from exits into a public space. These are not often used but are still incorporated in the annual essential safety measures report (AESMR).

Upon completion of any building works whether the building is being constructed or altered, the building surveyor will either issue an Occupancy Permit or a Certificate of Final Inspection. Both of these documents will contain a list of the structure’s essential safety measures and the frequency each ESM item must be maintained.

Completely Up to Code

Essential Safety Solutions specialises in helping building owners meet their responsibilities and obligations for all essential safety measures. Our responsive, transparent and comprehensive service covers all active and passive fire protection needs and will provide you with peace-of-mind.

We have the flexibility, systems and technology to tailor cost effective solutions for all your fire and building safety needs.

Essential Safety Solutions notes that it is imperative that building owners know their responsibilities and obligations relative to the essential safety measures provisions contained in the Victorian Building Regulations and Building Act. This is why choosing a skilled and trusted ESM service provider is so important.

Few building owners and occupiers are aware of the obligations that have been enacted since June 2009 that relate to them, namely that owners of all buildings old and new are required to sign an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report as proof for the preceding 12 months, that the owner has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that each essential safety measure is operating at the required level of performance or is fulfilling its purpose.

When you choose Essential Safety Solutions to handle your important ESM, you can rest easy knowing your building is completely up to code. For a personalised solution to every situation, please call a member of our friendly team on 1300 151 056.

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