Our safety and fire compliance service gives you peace of mind about meeting the required standards of security in your building. You can know that those who use your building will be kept safe and that you will be avoiding legal action and the risk of damage to your investment. By using our service, you will guarantee that your building is complying with the necessary safety standards.

How Compliance Affects You Financially

If you don’t meet the necessary compliance for fire and safety standards, then you risk your building burning down. Your building and everything in it could be destroyed. Even if you have fire insurance, you may not receive the coverage you expect if you aren’t meeting safety codes and taking the proper precautions to ensure your building is compliant. An insurance investigation could determine that you were negligent in adhering to the standards of safety and fire prevention. If that happens, you may not be covered for anything at all. You’ll be left with the same amount of coverage as if you had set the fire yourself.

You would also have to worry about lawsuits, if you don’t meet compliance standards. We live in a litigious society, and if your building suffers from a fire while people are inside, you can expect to have to deal with some lawsuits. You could be required to pay medical costs, damages, and reparations for psychological distress. The only way to successfully avoid those suits or to beat them is to show that you are being compliant with all required fire and safety standards. You have to show that there is no way you could be at fault for the damages that occurred. If you aren’t meeting those standards, the judge may uphold some suits as a punitive measure.

How Compliance Affects You Legally

As a building owner, your responsibility is not solely to the safety of the building’s occupants. You are also legally required to meet certain safety standards. For instance, some types of air conditioning systems necessitate cabling that is designed for that specific type of air conditioning system. These cables are required because they prevent toxic fumes from being generated in case of a fire. If you are using cabling that doesn’t meet those standards, then that can be considered a criminal action, and you will have to face the legal ramifications of that.

Ensuring Proper Compliance

Fire codes can be quite complex. Where you live can determine which specific codes you have to adhere to. Like tax codes, they can vary based on location. These codes change constantly, and the only people who can make sure that buildings are actually staying compliant are those who keep up with the ever-changing fire and safety codes. Our company does that for you, ensuring that you are protected financially and legally. If you want to be sure that you are compliant with all the necessary safety codes, then you need a professional to stay on top of that for you.

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