Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are an integral part of active fire protection systems. Automatic fire sprinkler systems are widely found throughout commercial buildings, new and old.

Fire sprinkler system inspections are critical to your building’s safety. They are also necessary for building compliance requirements and insurance purposes.

Choosing a diligent service provider, such as Essential Safety Solutions, that clearly understands the complexities of your fire protection system is vital to ensure that its reliability and performance availability remain at optimum levels.

Most importantly, you need to ask if your servicing is being performed correctly. Is your provider using the correct technicians who have the speciality training and expertise necessary to conduct these inspections?

At Essential Safety Solutions, we only use licensed and highly skilled sprinkler fitters, giving you peace of mind that your fire sprinkler system will perform correctly if needed. We strictly adhere and follow the service criteria outlined in Australian Standards AS1851-2012 to confirm that the fire sprinkler system and fire pump is ready for use and will function as intended in the event of a fire.

Sprinkler systems are made up of a multitude of different parts, which include test valves, stop valves, alarm valves, valve monitors, gauges, flow-switches, jacking pump, diesel pump and electric pump. These each need inspecting at various intervals to make sure they are functioning correctly to ensure the integrity of the system and its reliability.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems also have sprinkler heads that incorporate a heat-sensitive bulb that when activated by extreme temperature, discharge water and extinguish or maintain the fire until the arrival of the fire brigade. The risk to life and property is significantly reduced when fire sprinklers are installed and maintained correctly.

Annual and five-yearly servicing on fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps sets should not be treated with complacency and should only be undertaken by experienced technicians who have a clear understanding of how this complex system works. A sound working knowledge of relevant Australian Standards and a high level of diligence it required from the technicians performing these services.

Unfortunately, there are operators in the industry who struggle with the basics and consider annual servicing as just a flow test and change of oils and filters on the fire pump set. This sort of attitude toward servicing ultimately puts the fire system, its reliability and its availability at risk.

Our approach is different to most in that all our technicians are qualified experienced and licensed. They understand the complete fire system and its complexities and undertake:

  • Servicing of all fire sprinkler and fire pump equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard and the manufacturer
  • Recognising and correctly diagnosing faults
  • Looking for and documenting any issues that may become a concern in the future
  • Communicating effectively with you, our client

Nature and frequency of testing required?

Under AS1851-2012 you are required to test and inspect fire sprinkler systems and fire pump sets at these intervals:

(a) Monthly

(b) Six-monthly

(c) Yearly

(d) Five-yearly

(e) Ten-yearly

(f) Twenty-five yearly

(g) Thirty yearly


Fire Sprinklers form part of your overall fire protection system

Each building is unique in its design. Your fire sprinkler system is designed to interface with other fire protection systems acting as a critical initiating device for alarms, fire brigade notification and equipment shut-down in accordance with the fire systems design and specification.

Convenient appointment times 

Essential Safety Solutions will ensure that all your statutory requirements are met using Uptick, a powerful job and scheduling digital tool based around comprehensive asset tracking. This allows us to accurately and efficiently conduct your programmed maintenance whilst providing the ultimate in live reporting to you. Scheduling your fire protection maintenance services with Essential Safety Solutions has never been easier.

We invite you to talk to us about our programmed maintenance for fire systems. Regular scheduled servicing and maintenance will ensure your systems are always working at their optimum levels.

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