What is the maximum gap under and around a fire door?

What is the maximum gap under and around a fire door?

Fire doors, in the event of a fire, protect you and your employees from smoke and toxic gases while you escape through a safe passageway. You might not often consider that fire doors have a variety of features that allow them to prevent further damage and risk caused by fires.

The reality is that, like many other fire protection systems, fire doors must be designed to certain standards and operate under strict guidelines to keep everybody safe. This includes self-closing and latching mechanisms, correct signage and limits around fire door gaps. 

Why are there limits around fire door gaps?

Think about this: one of the main features of a fire door is that it resists the passage of fire from the connected passageway.  There is no point in having a fire door with self-closing mechanisms if there are large gaps that allow the spread of flames.

What are the gap limits?

Australian Standard AS1905 indicates that are two measurements for gaps to which your fire resistant door must adhere:

  • Hinge, lock and head stiles – 3mm maximum gap
    These refer to the gaps found on the left, right and top of your fire door.
  • Bottom of door to floor – 10mm maximum gap
    This refers to the amount of space found between the door and the floor. The bottom gap should ideally be between 3mm and 10mm.

What are the risks posed by larger gaps?

If a fire were to occur, and your fire door gaps exceeded the AS1905 maximum measurements, this would be risking the safety of everyone in the building. If you are unsure or concerned about your fire door gaps exceeding the maximum limits, contact Essential Safety Solutions immediately to have a trained technician assess your fire door and discuss further actions.

Essential Safety Solutions understand the various components of fire resistant doors. Though they may seem like ordinary doors at first glance, this could not be further than the truth. From maximum gap limits to correct signage – it can be difficult to tell whether your fire door ticks all the required boxes. However, with regular inspections and necessary maintenance through the team at Essential Safety Solutions, they guarantee that every requirement outlined by the governing buildings codes and standard are met with complete diligence and precision.