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As a building owner, fire compliance is a serious matter — the safety of your investment and its occupants depend on it.

In Victoria, ‘Essential Safety Measures’ is the term given to a building’s fire safety system. Legal Regulations identify the building owner as being responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the systems installed.

How do I make sure my building meets the correct fire compliance legislation?

There are two elements to ensuring your building remains compliant.

Firstly, all essential safety measures must be maintained to the required frequency and with the appropriately completed records of maintenance to comply with Standard AS1851.

Secondly, the installed fire safety systems must be operating to the required level of performance. This necessitates routine servicing activities where failures must be rectified and further tested for correct function.

Here at Essential Safety Solutions, we take the guesswork out of fire compliance by helping facility, strata and building owners meet their essential safety measures obligations. We offer programmed maintenance with a strong focus on customer service.

You can relax knowing your equipment is being checked as required. When you need support, we are there to help you. We believe feeling supported and educated is  an important service deliverable as well as performing your routine maintenance.

What happens if my building isn’t up to date with fire compliance checks?

If your building’s fire safety system isn’t adequate, or programmed maintenance has been missed, you risk prosecution and large fines.

Non-compliance may result in an infringement notice being issued by Council or the Fire Authority. Fines range from $290 to over $17,000 for an individual and over $88,000 if a company is prosecuted.

Maintenance of your ESM is essential to ensure you are legally compliant — however, there is also a moral aspect. When the safety of your building’s occupants and their ability to safely vacate a building relies on your Essential Safety Measures operating correctly, you cannot turn a blind eye.

Book your programmed maintenance with Essential Safety Solutions

When it comes to Essential Safety Measures, don’t leave anything to chance. With property and life at risk it pays to call in the experts. When you enlist the help of our team, you can rest assured that your building is been maintained in line with the relevant regulations — protecting you, your investment, and the building’s occupants.

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