Fire extinguishers are a life-saving tool that can quickly extinguish a small fire. Early intervention can protect property and life by preventing the fire from spreading. Fire extinguishers are installed in almost every commercial building in Australia. With the immense importance they carry, it’s equally crucial to ensure that they are accessible, free from obstruction, damage and available for when you need them the most.

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That’s where fire extinguisher cabinets play an essential role in protecting your fire extinguishers. Lockable cabinets and protective covers from Essential Safety Solutions provide several benefits, including:

  • Protection from the environment
    Your fire extinguisher will be prevented from accidental damage, UV exposure, exposure the chemicals that cause components of the fire extinguisher to rust which can all negatively impact the extinguishers performance in a crucial moment.
  • Prevention of intentional misuse or theft
    While intentional misuse or theft of a fire extinguisher is an immoral act, it is not uncommon especially where an extinguisher is accessible to the general public. Not only is it expensive to replace the damaged or stollen extinguishers, the extinguisher won’t be available when you need it most.  Installing a high-quality, lockable cabinet with a break glass window is the best way to prevent misuse or theft of your fire extinguisher from unauthorised interference.
  • Easily accessible for everyone
    At the same time, fire extinguisher cabinets from Essential Safety Solutions retain your extinguisher’s accessibility. Locked cabinets are supplied with a break glass and 003 keys which allow them to be accessed most importantly in the event of a fire.
  • All fire extinguisher cabinets comply with AS2444
    Meet the Australian Standards and avoid expensive cost of regularly replacing fire extinguisher that are damaged or have gone missing by investing in a fire extinguisher cabinet or UV protective cover bag from Essential Safety Solutions. All cabinets comply with AS2444 which outlines minimum requirements for cabinets and enclosures.

Essential Safety Solutions are Australia’s leading specialists in essential services. Offering top-of-the-range safety equipment, routine maintenance of fire systems, reactive repairs on fire systems and custom reports and documentation, the team at Essential Safety Solutions place an unparalleled level of importance on you and your team’s safety.