Your building’s fire alarms are one of the most important features of your overall fire safety system. But how are they meant to operate if the mains electricity of the building was to fail?

Fire alarm and detection systems are fitted with back up batteries. They act as a reserve supply of power ensuring your fire detection and alarm system is fully operation even in the event of loss of power.

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Here’s why Essential Safety Solutions are your team of choice for fire alarm panel batteries in Australia:

  • Battery Calculations
    It is imperative that your back up batteries deliver a consistent supply of power to the fire detection and alarm system in the event of a power loss. A requirement AS1851 is to determine the required standby battery capacity has not deteriorated overtime.
  • Comprehensive range of sizes
    Essential Safety Solutions stock a comprehensive range of fire alarm battery sizes. From the smallest size of 1.3AH, all the way up to large batteries sized 200AH, we make sure you get the right sized battery for the right fire alarm.
  • Be absolutely certain that your fire alarm batteries are functional
    It is the manufacturers recommendation that your batteries are replaced ever two years. If batteries are not replaced every two years Australian Standards states the standby batteries must be tested in accordance  Appendix F of AS1851:2012 . It states that if the battery voltage falls below 21V during the 25-minute test period, it has failed and needs replacing.
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS1851:2012

Essential Safety Solutions are Australia’s leading specialists in essential services. Offering top-of-the-range safety equipment, routine maintenance of fire systems, reactive repairs on fire systems and custom reports and documentation, the team at Essential Safety Solutions place an unparalleled level of importance on you and your team’s safety.